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InsuranceQuotes is a national publisher for news in the insurance industry. They provide commentary on every type of policy found on the market and insist that providers on their site offer competitive rates and are staffed by experienced agents able to address your needs. The Affordable Care Act will require every American to have healthcare coverage. As of 2012; nearly 48 million non-elderly Americans were uninsured (New York Times; 2013) - this theoretically means that for the first time ever; millions of Americans will be struggling to understand what health insurance is and what kind of coverage they need.

In the months leading up to the health care changes; InsuranceQuotes is working to equip consumers with the information they need to know to make an informed health insurance decision. Their guide takes a comprehensive look at what consumers can expect when navigating the complicated insurance landscape. Understanding insurance terminology and health care options; recognizing a scam; identifying adequate coverage are some of the topics covered.

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