Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute

Before You Start

What are you getting into? This section of the site is based on a business course intensive for artists that was developed years back. The course was designed as a cumulative learning process, guiding you through your business plan. We recommend walking yourself through this content in the same way. Each session is strengthened by those that precede it. You probably won’t finish all the material in one sitting, though you are welcome to search through and find the content you need. The videos, without reading or activities, add up to about 8 1/2 hours.

This is going to take time. We recommend you designate a place for saving your work so you can easily stop and revisit the material (there are assignments if you choose to use them). We used binders for handouts and worksheets at the in-person course. Use what works best for you.

Download the software. You will have access to pdf documents, Word documents, video and slides. Flash may be required on some pages.

Take a breath. For many artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers or any other creative profession, business planning is not intuitive. Many of us thrive in organic processes filled with risks, mistakes and a broader vision.

The secret is, business leaders also are required to thrive in an organic economy, learn from mistakes and keep sight of their vision. Use this course to help hold all the pieces together. You can continue to reference it as a guide and revise as you go. Then let your creativity work its magic.

Please note: This course includes information provided by Third Parties including opinions and advice. Assembly for the Arts, Affiliates, and their respective employees or agents are not responsible for the opinions, statements, services, offers or other information provided by Third Parties. Please review the full Terms of Use, in particular, “Third-Party Content and Links; Recommendations and Opinions” for more information.

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