As an artist, you are constantly striving to improve and inform your craft and/or art-making process.  This may involve research on a particular topic or information specifically related to the technical issues and mechanics of your work.  You may be interested in finding or developing new artist blogs and journals or using social media and websites to stay current on trends and to generate new ideas. Perhaps you are interested in a new technique or are pursuing continuing education programs. Or you may simply need the uninterrupted time to make work in a setting conducive to your creative process.

All of these resources may prove equally helpful to you as you develop and personalize your professional practices as an artist. Whatever your need, this section contains general suggestions and advice for you to review, plus links to resources on a variety of topics for individual artists of all disciplines.

Basics for the Artist's Toolbox

No matter the discipline, there are a few basic items that every artist should have ready in their tool box for use in applying for funding, marketing work, and developing professional networking skills:

  • An effective artist statement
  • Documentation of your art work to create high-quality work samples
  • Opportunities to share your artistic process and artwork (on social media or elsewhere)
  • Professional development opportunities
    • Networking
    • Learning
    • Teaching
    • Public Presentations
  • Artist colonies (or artist in residence opportunities)