Meet the team: Raíces Danzas de México

Lilly Corona Moreno (lead): Lilly will be responsible for teaching danza prehispánica (Aztec dance) to the participants. The workshop will include dance, drumming, and an explanation of all the symbolism within each aspect of the dances. Lilly will be a liaison with our partner, staff and volunteers. She will act as the main translator for the families and participants involved. Lilly will work side by side with Alex, making sure all of the logistics are in place and will be available for any questions or concerns that the participants may have throughout the project. 
Alexander Corona (co-lead): Alex will create and manage all advertising and marketing associated with this project. He will create all artwork associated with social media, print and digital. He will also be one of the main liaisons between our partner, staff and volunteers. He will be responsible for making sure all of the logistics are in place throughout the entire project.
Scott Froehlich (event coordinator and treasurer): Scott will be responsible for all event planning and set-up. He will be in charge of all volunteers, creating schedules and making sure everything is in place for any scheduled meeting or event. He will assist in other areas such as carpentry, lighting, painting and transportation. Scott will also play a dual role as treasurer. He will be responsible for keeping track of all expenditures associated with this project and keep us updated with timely reports.
Alejandra Arteaga (social media strategist, digital specialist, dance assistant)
Alejandra will assist with the creation of our website. She will be responsible for scheduling our social media and for maintaining and updating our website. She too will have a dual role as secretary for our group. She’ll also assist in other areas such as catering, painting, transportation, set-up and volunteer management. Furthermore, she will assist Lilly during the workshops, as Alejandra was a former member of Grupo Tepehuani Nelli.

Creative Impact Fund Project: Raíces: Danzas de México

The dance workshop “Raíces: Danzas de México” will focus on preserving Mexican culture through dance. Although each of Mexico’s regions are represented with a variety of dance styles, we are going to focus on the prehispanic or indigenous dances. There is spirituality and symbolism that drives each movement of danza prehispánica. We want to teach the participants a deeper meaning as opposed to the stereotypes associated with Mexican culture.

The workshop sessions will take place Saturday mornings for 3 hours each for a duration of 6 weeks. Each session will consist of historical information on the instruments and culture, and the symbolism of each movement. We will then proceed with a warm up, dance session, and cool down. The music will be live as it is played on a Huehuetl drum. The languages utilized to communicate during the workshops are Spanish and English, depending on the audience members. Additional vocabulary will be taught in the indigenous language, Nahuatl. AlmaVision will provide the space for the workshops at Ingenuity. We hope to have up to 20 participants.

The workshops will be open to the public, ages 10 and older. We are hoping for a diverse group of participants. Participants will build cultural awareness and value and respect each other’s cultural perspectives and practices. We hope we can all come together to celebrate diversity. AlmaVision is prepared to commit to the “Raíces: Danzas de México” workshop. We are currently in the planning stages to implement this project. We have created a budget and we have set dates to begin advertising for the project. Lilly will impart the workshops and she will be assisted by AlmaVision team member, Alejandra Arteaga. Additional team members are also ready to assist where they are needed. Advertising for the workshop will begin during the summer months via social media and print.