Meet Dale Goode

Dale A. Goode is a Cleveland-based artists and arts educator. He works primarily in photography, mixed media collage and sculpture. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College and pursued his graduate studies at Kent State University. Over the last 40 years, Mr. Goode has exhibited his work widely throughout the Midwest. His work is included in various corporate, university and institutional collections, Akron Art Museum, University Hospital of Cleveland, Hiram College and The Dalad Group. He was selected as one of the International artists to participate in Front International Triennial and has received a grant from Spaces Art Gallery.

Mr. Goode’s primary focus is spotlighting the issues and beauty of the community he represents and the people who share that community. His sculptures, paintings, and prints reflect the way he sees the world and wishes others could see it as well. His most recent bodies of work have been named RAW VISION, bodies of work which contrast what we see and what we call it. Women, Domestic Violence, Beauty, and Trash, all seen have been seen in exhibit locally and away from Cleveland over the past 2 years.

Good’s focus right now is on Domestic Violence. He thinks of domestic violence and wonders how much is carried out of our homes into the streets of our cities where it explodes in the unprepared relationships we have in our community. Patterns that we create through behavior and language shape out home as much as physical environment of doors, windows, furniture and costume. His art work reflects this by the construct of sculptures and the way he uses objects like shoes, handbags and doors to create symbolic understanding of this epidemic of violence.

Creative Impact Fund Project: Domestic Violence Is Not Pretty

This project will use doors from abandon buildings and houses to stand in as substitutes for people. Designed and built in abstract sculpture using things thrown away in the streets as we do overlooked and under served people in violent situations.

The hope is that people’s attitudes who view these sculptures that are dedicated to stopping violence will understand the impact that violence in general and Domestic Violence specifically has on a community.

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