Guide to Funding

Introduction to Funding

You have a great idea that you would like to pursue for creating new work, or you want to explore new ways to incorporate a recurring theme into your work. You have a specific financial need based on an opportunity: You have been asked to participate in an upcoming exhibition at a local museum and all of your work needs to be framed before it is accepted. You have been offered a publishing gig and you need to supplement your income to produce the work. You found the perfect instrument, but you need time to pay it off. You are inspired and ready to go. Now what?

How do you transition from concept to art making while juggling the economic demands of buying the material, securing the space or having the time necessary to create your work? How do you budget for what you need and then build a strategy to seek the funding required to complete your work? In this section we will discuss some “tried and true” and “known and new” ways that artists can find the funds they need to make it all happen.

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