Site visits provide a policymaker with personal exposure to the programs and people in their area that are central to arts and culture advocacy efforts. This kind of experience demonstrates the arts and culture sector’s impact in the community, and can have a lasting impact on the policymaker. 


Timing Tips

  • Federal legislators are often only in town during recesses, but their local office
    staff may have more flexibility. 
  • Ohio General Assembly members are typically in their districts on Mondays,
    Fridays and the weekends. 
  • Work with the policymaker’s scheduler to choose an appropriate date. 

Who to Invite

  • You can invite all your representatives or just those best-fit to your work, or your organization’s service area. 
  • Specific asks go further than blanket invites.
  • Invite allies: community leaders, advocates, funders, board members, peer advocates, and other influencers


Is this your space, or are you choosing someone else’s venue? Set yourself up to give legislators an experience of arts and culture that stays with them


It’s all in the Details! Coordinate with the site, or your staff if it’s your own venue. Make sure everyone is on the same page.


Tell your policy-maker what to expect: reserved parking/seating, run-of-show, who they should look for upon arrival, or other details that can help them plan their day. You can also share who else is coming so they can prep.


If you’re sending a media advisory about the event, call all your media contacts to personally invite them, and ensure the legislator is aware media will be present.

The Day of an Event, Tour or Visit 

Place signage everywhere! Make sure all the key intersections leading to the facility. If it feels like over-kill, you’re on track. You’re helping people feel welcome, comfortable AND reinforcing your brand and the importance of the event.

  • Use a sign-in sheet (follow up with the attendees after the meeting)
  • Provide name tags and bring extras
  • People actually do like information tables. Share your story and other important info about the arts.
  • Acknowledge public officials (and their representatives) publicly
  • Take (Lot’s of) Pics: Get photos at the event with the policymaker speaking with those invited and share widely!
  • HAVE A CALL TO ACTION! Be clear on what you want them to do, even if it’s simply to keep you and the arts in mind as a constituent as they make decisions.

Immediate Followups

  • Thank you calls to all those who helped in the preparation for the event build important good will
  • Send thank you letters with photos to all public officials and reiterate your key messages
  • Post photos from the event on social media and include a story about it in your newsletter if you have one