Welcome to Our Western Communities

With some of the best access to the lakeshore and parklands in greater Cleveland, the western communities have drawn a wide variety of artists to properties ranging from bungalows to lakefront mansions. The city of Lakewood remains one of the densest suburbs in the country, with walkable streets and plenty of activity. Further to the west, suburbs grow more residential and less commercial, creating the sense of a strong-knit community.

Where Are Artists Locating?

You can find artists locating across the western suburbs but CPAC’s research suggests that they are showing up in the highest numbers in certain cities, particularly communities closer to the Lake Erie Shoreline:

Who Can Help Me Find Space?

There are 58 cities and townships in Cuyahoga County, and each has its own distinct character. We recommend that artists take some time to get out and explore communities to find one that’s the perfect fit for them. There are a lot of resources that can help you in your search.

City and County Government

When looking for space in suburban markets, city government can be one of your greatest resources. Some cities have specific pages devoted to people interested in relocating to their community. If you’re not able to find something like that, Community Development and Economic Development Departments can often provide additional information and resources for home and commercial space buyers. In smaller cities and townships, you may not find a page specifically related to development; in this case, you may want to contact a main phone number instead. Cuyahoga County’s website features a listing of all 58 municipalities’ direct lines.

Other Resources

Community development corporations can be a strong partner when you are looking to find information and resources about a community. These nonprofit organizations work to revitalize the neighborhoods and cities where they are located, sometimes through planning, sometimes through real estate development and sometimes through services like block clubs, community policing or art festivals. The primary community development corporation in the western suburbs is LakewoodAlive.

Beyond this community-specific resource, you may find additional support through regional resources aimed at helping people learn more about neighborhoods, space and community resources throughout greater Cleveland.