Meet Baba Jubal Harris

The African drum speaks, talks, communicates with the voice of our human ancestors . The drum has a function beyond keeping time. Rhythms speak, the voice of the drum forms a bridge between the ancestral spiritual realm and the human realm. Musical form, conforms to the limitation and necessities of time, moment by moment, day by day ,month by month, year-by-year, century by century. Music is fluid and conforms to the container of the times that constrain it. The origin, essence and sacred ancestral spirit of African American musical expression is contained within a feeling that has the power to transcend pain, agony, misery and transform bad feelings into good feelings at the cross road of destiny. Today we are in the process of global polyrhythmic revival. Our African Ancestors knew that polly rhythmic drumming accompanied by voice and musical instruments create modal vibrational phenomena. Modern science has rediscovered that wave propagation harmonics and harmonic overtones create visual patterns of sacred geometry. It is our sacred human oneness within the Divine Source of Life that gives us victory over those forces that oppose our humanity. It is our sacred music and spoken word that has the power to transform bad to good and good to greatness.

Heart Beat Drum Circle

Creative Impact Fund Project: Heart Beat Drum Circle

Heartbeat Drum Circle is a unique and inclusive gathering that brings together drummers, dancers, artists, social activists, government and business leaders, community builders, healers, and educators. The primary purpose of this collective is to express joy, love, and appreciation for the gift of life through the power of arts and rhythm.

At Heartbeat Drum Circle, all people are engaged in a holistic and sustainable arts experience that is deeply rooted in rhythmic harmony. The sound we create resonates with the human heartbeat, connecting us on a primal level. The configuration of drummers and dancers is carefully orchestrated in a circle, representing unity and equality. This dynamic circle is thoughtfully balanced by positioning participants at specific points, allowing for the free flow of hyper-dimensional energy.

The project itself involves the creative act of harmonizing divergent cultural expressions, as we understand that these diverse elements have the potential to create moments of wholeness, especially in times of great uncertainty. Heartbeat Drum Circle has successfully demonstrated the power of community cooperation, bringing people together in practical and meaningful ways.

The logistics of the project are simple yet impactful. We provide workshops for leaders to create their own Samba/Siko frame drums, empowering them with the tools to express themselves through rhythm. Participants also learn four basic poly rhythms (with the opportunity to learn more as they progress). They are then encouraged to take what they have learned back to their schools, organizations, clubs, etc., and actively recruit others to join this rhythmic movement.

To culminate this journey, participants attend a preliminary Heartbeat Drum Circle rehearsal with their respective groups, leading up to the main event in May 2024. This collective effort aims to address the pervasive issues of violence and fear within our community. We strive to reach those who are afraid to go to work, places of worship, school, or even walk the streets due to the prevailing tension and stress caused by violence.

In this environment, Heartbeat Drum Circle serves as a powerful alternative. It creates a space where respect and appreciation for life take center stage, promoting the message of “Drums Not Guns” and “Drums Not Drugs.” We firmly believe that drums are instruments of mass creation, offering an alternative to the destructive force of weapons. By participating in Heartbeat Drum Circle workshops, individuals learn self-love through self-respect and self-discipline. The drums they create become personal and collective reminders of these principles, carrying the significance of our purpose.

Ultimately, the significance of Heartbeat Drum Circle lies in its ability to foster unity, heal communities, and inspire positive change. It is a call to action for people to recognize and embrace the transformative power of drums as an instrument of mass creation, creating a path towards a more peaceful and harmonious world.