Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb on Monday identified 85 goals for his first 100 days in office – a wide-ranging set of priorities for how the city delivers basic services, addresses public health and safety, and lays the groundwork for some of Bibb’s more ambitious, longer-term plans.

The mayor also unveiled an online tracker, at, to show the city’s progress toward achieving those goals and to provide a way for residents to hold him accountable to his promises.

Bibb’s priorities were developed off the work of an 80-plus person transition team, comprised of leaders in business, community organizations, non-profits and government, and tasked with identifying early recommendations for Bibb’s new administration.

Deploy $10 Million of ARPA Funding for the Arts in Cleveland Neighborhoods.

Cleveland’s arts and culture sector was critically impacted during the pandemic. The unprecedented financial damage rose to $146 million and impacted 5,000 jobs in Cleveland-area cultural nonprofits alone. Focus funds on local artists and creative neighborhood place-building to uplift and empower residents.

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