Source: The Land

Date: June 1, 2023


Bob Render, a longtime resident of E. 128th St. between Buckeye and Drexmore Roads in Buckeye-Shaker Square, saw something happen in his neighborhood a few years ago that he couldn’t remember experiencing before.

“Two years ago, I’m down here pulling weeds and I see these folks on bikes coming down the street,” he said. “Well, I didn’t know who they were until they got a little closer, and then I realized it was Tim Tramble, Indigo Bishop, and Peter Whitt, the senior staff of the Saint Luke’s Foundation, and some of the people they funded. I said, ‘Boy, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. I can’t remember ever seeing a president or CEO of a foundation, any foundation in Cleveland, on a bike ride in the neighborhood.’” …

…Deidre McPherson, who by day works as chief community officer for Assembly for the Arts and by night is an avid cyclist and cycling promoter, is one of the organizers behind Bike Your Neighborhood. She told Harry Boomer of WOIO Channel 19 why she loves Slow Roll events. “It’s a really beautiful experience, we ride through neighborhoods, spread bike joy, and inspire people to move,” she said….

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