Cleveland, OH – In a series of arts-focused questions posed to City of Cleveland Mayoral candidates by Collective Arts Network (CAN) Journal and Assembly for the Arts, all seven candidates provided a resounding Yes to questions asking whether they will establish a cabinet-level position supporting artists and arts activity and allocate a line item in their budgets to support the arts and cultural industries in Cleveland.

This comes as welcome news for both city residents and the arts and culture sector. The industry generates $9.1 billion in economic impact for the region and has a positive influence on residents. “A dedicated supportive structure for arts and culture like a Department of Cultural Affairs or arts liaison, for example, will yield immense benefits for the city’s economy, health, educational progress and international reputation,” says Jeremy Johnson, President & CEO of Assembly for the Arts.

Questions were collectively devised by CAN Journal and Assembly for the Arts and delivered to candidates this past week as a means to more clearly understand current mayoral candidates’ position on and value of arts and culture in Cleveland. “CAN is thrilled to collaborate with Jeremy Johnson and Assembly for the Arts by bringing these questions to the candidates and sharing their perspectives with voters,” says Michael Gill, Executive Director, Editor/Publisher of CAN Journal.

Research consistently reveals that the arts influence positive outcomes in education, healthcare and mental health, community revitalization and our region’s competitiveness in other markets. “Cleveland is home to hundreds of creative people, artists, organizations and businesses who are making incredible, boundary-pushing work that provides so much more to our communities than simply aesthetic value. The arts in Cleveland absolutely deserve space on the public policy stage, and posing these questions in partnership with Assembly for the Arts helps to establish that,” Michael Gill, Executive Director, Editor/Publisher of CAN Journal.