A Cleveland Playbook

Elevating the Influence of Arts and Culture cover artA history, of the tactics that contributed to successes in the Cleveland, Ohio, area to realize the fuller potential of arts and culture. You’ll also see call-out material with more concrete, universal lessons to help you apply those tactics in a variety of settings. 2018.

This is the story of how the Cuyahoga County arts and culture sector went from fiscal emergency… to securing one of the highest levels of public funding for arts and culture in the country… to becoming recognized as a national leader in creative placemaking. This playbook examines the role and lessons of Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) as inspirer, catalyst, advocate, adviser, think tank, policy strategist, data source, convener.

As a result of CPAC’s work:

  • Tax money has been directed for arts and culture
  • Facilities have been built or renovated
  • Governments have become involved
  • Creative businesses have merged or collaborated
  • Innovative cross sector partnerships have emerged

Through CPAC’s process outlined in the playbook, organizations and communities anywhere can see what worked in Northeast Ohio and what did not.  Any one of the strategies in this playbook could be beneficial, depending on a community’s vision and current situation.  It is our hope that our story can provide other organizations with insight into how they might strengthen their own arts and culture sectors and thus their whole communities.


Spiral-bound print copies available by request.