Guide to Cleveland Artist Communities

Finding Your Home in Cleveland

Forty years ago, if you were searching for information about Cleveland, you were likely to find stories about population decline, pollution and massive unemployment. Since then, our community has been working hard to redefine itself as a vibrant, sustainable and creative city. Today, shuttered factories are giving way to new buildings, new entertainment districts and new ways of thinking.

LIVE Cleveland showcases all of Cleveland’s premier neighborhoods with additional information about average income and sales prices, parks, schools, attractions and more.

This guide is designed to help you find the perfect home for your own work. Whether you’re looking for living space or work space, a tiny turn-of-the-century cottage or a raw industrial loft, greater Cleveland’s got space for you … and at a price that artists can afford.Arts and culture are at the center of this revolution. It’s hard to think of a strong neighborhood in

Cuyahoga County where artists or arts and culture organizations haven’t played a big role in revitalization. We live in a region where vacant buildings are coming alive as storefront theatres, indie rock venues, media companies and contemporary galleries. With low real estate prices and a growing do-it-yourself attitude, Cleveland is a place where artists can truly become masters of their own future.

In the following pages, you’ll find descriptions of communities throughout our county where artists are making their homes. Thanks to our Putting Artists on the Map research, we’ve been able to identify 22 communities where artists are concentrated, both in the city of Cleveland and in the surrounding suburbs. This guide will help you identify those places where there are a lot of artists, as well as helping you to find space in those communities.