Why Research?

Research can help you understand greater Cleveland’s arts industries. Support organizations have spent over twenty years tracking arts and culture and building solutions for challenges the sector faces. We continue to look for trends, highlight best practices, engage partners, and make connections across disciplines and within the broader community.

This research can also help you articulate the value of your work as you apply for grants, appeal to business investors or simply talk to people about what you do. If you are looking for support you can sift through the many outstanding organizations in Northeast Ohio and elsewhere designed to support you in each of these sections.

Why Arts and Culture?

Arts and culture provokes contemplation on issues facing our community. It enhances critical thinking skills, encourages innovative thought and challenges us to see different perspectives.

As a partner in Cleveland’s resurgence, arts and culture’s impacts are far-reaching.

  • Creative placemaking efforts are revitalizing neighborhoods and improving the quality of experiences for residents and tourists.
  • Arts and culture practices are improving the health outcomes of patients and changing the design of healthcare facilities.
  • Arts and culture is contributing to our economy through its businesses, employment and tax payments.

We could go on, but we’ll let you dive into the data to see for yourself.